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Current Situation and Development Trend of Die and Mold Technology in China

    In 1980s, the mold industry in the developed industrial countries has been separated from the machine tool industry and developed into an independent industrial sector. Chinese mold industry is also in a  rapid development Since the reform and opening up. In recent years, 15 % growth rate of rapid development. Many mold enterprises attach great importance to the development of technology,and increased investment in technological progress as an important driving force for enterprise development.In addition, many scientific research institutions and colleges and universities have also carried out mold technology research and development. The rapid development of mold industry is an important reason for China to become a superpower in the world. In the future, China will become the world's manufacturing power, will continue to rely on the rapid development of mold industry, and become a powerful tool for manufacturing. 

    Although Chinese mold industry has made great progress, part of the mold has reached the international advanced level, but both in quantity and quality still can not meet the needs of the domestic market, it still needs about 1000000000USD in all kinds of large, sophisticated, and complex mold every year.Compared with the developed countries, there is still a big gap between the die and mold industry. In the future, Chinese mold industry should be in the following aspects of continuous technological innovation, in order to narrow the gap with the international advanced level. 

    (1) focus on the development of large, sophisticated, and complex mold. As for Chinese car, the rapid development of home appliance industry, forming part of the requirements of large scale and precision is higher and higher, the mold will become increasingly large and sophisticated.

    (2) to strengthen the application of standard parts of mold: The use of standard parts can not only shorten the mold manufacturing cycle, reduce the cost of mold manufacturing and improve the quality of mold manufacturing. Therefore, the application of mold standard parts will become increasingly widespread. 

    (3) to promote CAD/CAM/CAE technology: CAD/CAM/CAE technology of mold is an important milestone in the development of mold technology. Practice has proved that the CAD/CAM/CAE technology is the development direction of mold design and manufacture, can significantly improve the level of mold design and manufacturing. 

    (4) Attaching great importance of rapid tooling manufacturing technology, shorten the mold manufacturing cycle:with advanced manufacturing technologies and the emergence of the level of mold manufacturing is constantly improved, and rapid method for the rapid prototyping technology based on the model, high speed milling technology and automatic polishing technology will be more widely used in mold manufacturing.

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